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Ski lifts.

Atzmännig Skifahren

Atzmännig ski lifts.

Enjoy wide runs and racy descents! Atzmännig ski lifts
Sportbahnen Atzmännig AG
8638 Goldingen
Tel. +41 55 284 64 34
Atzmännig night skiing

Atzmännig night skiing.

If you would like to experience something truly extraordinary, skiing or snowboarding at night in the moonlight on the brightly lit Brustenegg slope is just the right thing for you. Atzmännig night skiing
Sportbahnen Atzmännig AG
8638 Goldingen
Tel. +41 55 284 64 34
Skilift Ghöch

Ghöch ski area.

The family-friendly ski area is beautifully situated at 1000 meters above sea level and offers much more than just a magnificent view. Ghöch ski area
Skilift Ghöch
8344 Bäretswil
Tel. +41 44 939 12 41
Steig ski area, Bäretswil

Steig ski area, Bäretswil.

Two pony lifts, a platter lift and the separate sledge run offer a variety of safe winter sport opportunities for all. Steig ski area, Bäretswil
Skilift Steig
8344 Bäretswil
Tel. +41 44 939 16 54
Fischenthal ski area

Fischenthal ski area.

The Fischenthal ski lift offers relaxing hours in a wintry white ambience. Fischenthal ski area
Skilift Fischenthal
8497 Fischenthal
Tel. +41 55 245 13 27
Skilift Oberwangen

Oberwangen ski area.

Oberwangen is a unique ski area in Canton Thurgau and a winter's paradise for families. Oberwangen ski area
Skilift Oberwangen
8376 Fischingen
Tel. +41 71 977 20 90
Skilift Bildhaus, Ricken

Bildhaus Ricken ski area.

Enjoy the broad, gently sloping ski runs and the view of the Lake of Zurich from the Ricken mountain pass ski lifts at 800 - 850 metres above sea level.

Bildhaus Ricken ski area
Skilift Bildhaus
Bildhaus 1156
8726 Ricken
Tel. +41 55 280 51 84
Tel. +41 79 673 21 41

Steg ski area in the Töss Valley.

Visit the sunny winter sport area located above the mist between 700 and 1000 meters above sea level with the longest ski lift of Canton Zurich! Steg ski area in the Töss Valley
Skilift Steg
8496 Steg im Tösstal
Tel. +41 55 245 15 71