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Pilgrim – Beers for Friends.

Enjoy free tastings of our exclusive speciality beers every Saturday and Sunday at the shop of the Fischingen monastery brewery! The shop is also open during the week.

Beers for friends

The selection of exclusive PILGRIM beers is impressive: the Original Amber Klosterbier, the India Pale Ale with its unique hop flavour and the Waldbier with ingredients from the fir cone country, to name just a few. Real „Rolls Royce“ beers are the four types of the Bière d'Abbaye: Triple Blonde, Blanche, Ambrée and Noire filled in a champagne bottle containing around 10% vol. of alcohol; and last but not least, the Grand Crus with more alcohol and character.

Group events

Take a look into the barrique cellar and learn how the monastery beer is brewed. Enjoy a sample during the visit.

Looking into the barrique cellar, you will find out how the monastery beer is brewed. Enjoy a sample and take advantage of a 10% visitor's discount on your shop purchases following a short visit.

During a 90 minute visit of the brewery, you will learn a lot about the history of beer, the raw materials, the beer production and the different beer styles. A glance inside the monastery brewery as well as the opportunity to shop with a 10 % discount and a gift are included. Please check out our website for the dates of public events and details.

Webshop, newsletter and accessibility

Find out more about the Fischingen monastery brewery, PILGRIM beers and the online shop on our website. Please register for the newsletter and make sure to receive special offers and get invitations to our beer events.

The brewery can be reached easily by public transport: The bus stop of the bus arriving from Wil or Sirnach is directly in front of the building. Enjoy the variety of our delicious beers without worrying about your way home...