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natürliland – 11 Adventure Hikes.

natürliland Wanderungen

Each natürliland route includes exciting activities that you may combine according to your desires. You can hike on the natürliland routes either individually or in smaller or larger groups. Choose according to your preference along the selected route and find out which «natürliland element» appeals to you and to your group.

Getting there

All eleven natürliland routes can be reached easily by train and bus. Please find your personal timetable on or call ZVV-contact under 0848 988 988.

Maps & brochures
The natürliland brochure describes all 11 hikes with a text, elevation profile, map and pictures. Please download the brochure as a pdf or order it to your home address. In addition, we recommend the 1:25,000 hiking map of the Zurich hiking trail no. 3 (Winterthur, Middle Töss Valley) and no. 6 (Zurich Oberland, Upper Töss Valley/Valley of Goldingen) or click on tour overview.

No time available to prepare your hike?
Hiking guides of the Zurich Hiking Trails association (Zürcher Wanderwege) will be happy to show you and your group the way and tell you exciting stories and anecdotes about natürliland. Costs amount to CHF 300.– per hiking guide.

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The 11 natürliland routes.

von der Wiese auf den Teller

From the Meadow onto your Plate.

How do you make 'Bureschüblig'? Learn the secret about how the holes get into the cheese and find out why cows need several stomachs. From the Meadow onto your Plate

Five Francs Path.

A meal for five francs. Five Francs Path
Dem Ursprung auf der Spur

Back to the Roots.

Observatory with large telescope, mysterious robber baron caves in the forest and Sternenberger Mutschli. Back to the Roots
Industrie im Zürcher Oberland

Industry in the Zurich Oberland.

The industrial heritage trail between Uster and Bauma as well as the steam train from Hinwil to Bauma are contemporary witnesses of the Zurich Oberland. Industry in the Zurich Oberland
Kulturhistorisches Zürcher Oberland

Cultural history of the Zurich Oberland.

Culture, art, cars, local museum, sculpture garden, historical vehicle collection or saw mill operated by a waterwheel. Cultural history of the Zurich Oberland
Zürcher Oberländer Milchstrasse

Zurich Oberland Milky Way.

The route for cheese lovers. The trail leads along six different cheese factories. Please come in! Zurich Oberland Milky Way
Genussvoll Wandern

Hiking Delights.

The scenic hike with time for enjoyment and relaxation. Hiking Delights
Kulinarisches Goldingertal

Culinary Valley of Goldingen.

Good food, fresh air and a gorgeous view of the Zurich Oberland, the Linth Plain and Lake Zurich. Culinary Valley of Goldingen