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Fischingen Cultural Walk.

Visit the monastery of Fischingen, Martin's chapel in Oberwangen, the cruciform church and Saint Mary's church in Dussnang along the Fischingen cultural walk.

St. Anna church in Au can be reached on an extended stroll along the pilgrimage. Detailed texts are available in the churches for those who are interested.

The churches are usually open daily from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and are freely accessible, except during church service. Organ demonstrations and art historical tours may be organised for groups upon request.

Enter the hike at any point; the individual stops are easily accessible by bus, starting from Wil (SG) station. Many restaurants along the way offer opportunities to enjoy local specialities.

Further cultural monuments are St. Idda chapel at Ottenegg, Sitzberg church, many crucifixes from different historical periods along the hiking trails, Tannegg ruin and Kranzenberg castle. The local hiking map of the tourist office Fischingen provides a good overview.