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Chrüzegg Geology Trail.

Chrüzegg Geology Trail
Eschenbach: Atzmännig BergstationEschenbach: Berggasthaus Chrüzegg
Eschenbach: Atzmännig Bergstation
Eschenbach: Berggasthaus Chrüzegg
The geology trail with a total of 50 information boards shows how the Chrüzegg area and its surroundings have been shaped.

A geological adventure trail

A total of 50 easily comprehensible information boards enable interested hikers to get a comprehensive insight into the formation of our landscape.

Glaciations, flooding, landslides, even volcanic eruptions from as far as the Auvergne (France) have left their traces in our terrain. Various explanations of the geological development will help us understand and appreciate how dynamically our landscape changes and illustrate its impact on flora, fauna and human beings.

Enter the geological trail at any point. Whether you start from Atzmännig, from Wald, Wattwil, Krinau or from Libingen -  every ascent along the geological trail has its own charm.

Guided tours

Guided tours for groups on request.
Learn interesting facts and enjoy unforgettable moments.