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On or in the Water.

Alpine Tub

Alpine Tub.

Take a marvellous relaxing dip in your private Alpine tub while enjoying a table barbecue (meat, grilled vegetables, and potatoes), a fondue made by the local Girenbad dairy or a cold meat platter from the area. Relaxation, culinary pleasure, and a view all in one! Alpine Tub
Alpenbad GmbH
Unterbachstrasse 19
8340 Hinwil
+41 76 335 57 00
Dampfschiff Greif

Greif Steamboat.

The Greif steamboat is the oldest and only passenger ship in Switzerland fired with coal. It operates on Lake Greifensee, the second largest lake in Canton Zurich. Greif Steamboat
Schifffahrts-Genossenschaft Greifensee
Seestrasse 35
8124 Maur
Tel. +41 44 980 01 69
SGG Sonnenuntergang

Greifensee Navigation.

The Navigation Association Greifensee (SGG) has operated shipping activities on Lake Greifensee since 1890. Enjoy the summer breeze, the sunset or a brunch on board. Greifensee Navigation
Schifffahrts-Genossenschaft Greifensee (SGG)
Seestrasse 35
8124 Maur Schweiz
Tel. +41 44 980 01 69
Stand Up Paddling

Stand Up Paddling.

Glide across the lake - silent and standing. Stand Up Paddling
Greifensee Dragons
Burstwiesenstrasse 33
8606 Greifensee
+41 44 515 13 63

Thomas Zwick Sailing School.

Sailing school for adults at Lake Greifensee and Lake Zurich. Children's sailing school at "Im Kehlhof" in Stäfa at Lake Zurich. Thomas Zwick Sailing School
Segelschule Thomas Zwick
Zürichsee und Greifensee
Tödistrasse 30
8634 Hombrechtikon
Tel. +41 79 630 84 78
Uster Dive Center

Uster Dive Center.

Adventure and relaxation all in one. Discover the world under water with us. Uster Dive Center
Tauchsport Uster
Apothekerstrasse 4
8610 Uster
Tel. +41 44 940 26 77
Burg Uster

Uster - the Living City.

The city of Uster has a lot of leisure activities to offer: rental boats, rental bikes, city walks, sport facilities, ... experience Uster! Uster - the Living City
Uster Tourismus
Zentralstrasse 21
8610 Uster
Tel. +41 44 905 60 57
Hensa Shipping Line – Experiences on the Water

Hensa Shipping Line – Experiences on the Water.

Escape your daily routine on Lake Zurich - enjoy holiday feeling all year round on Hensa's shipping line located in Rapperswil. Hensa Shipping Line – Experiences on the Water
Schifffahrtsbetrieb Hensa AG
8640 Rapperswil
Tel. +41 55 220 67 22