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Uster - the Living City.

The city of Uster has a lot of leisure activities to offer: rental boats, rental bikes, city walks, sports facilities, ... experience Uster!

The city

The city of Uster, an interface between the charming Zurich Oberland and the metropolis of Zurich is embedded in an intact natural environment. Lake Greifensee and its natural reserves, gently undulating hills and vast forests characterize the surrounding landscape.

Lake Greifensee

Lake Greifensee and its navigation and boat rentals are a popular getaway destination and local recreation area for everyone. Let yourself be inspired by this exceptional environment.

Special activities to discover

  • Rental boats
  • Rental bikes
  • City park serenades
  • City walks: discover Uster's interesting industrial history with its remaining textile industrial buildings along the Aabach river or find out how Uster has accomplished to create its own identity within an increasingly anonymous suburban landscape due to outstanding design and construction measures.