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Castles, Churches and Monasteries.

Altlandenberg Ruin

Altlandenberg Ruin.

Visible are remains of walls from the palace, the circular wall and the gate. The castle is located high above the Altlandenberg district of Bauma. Altlandenberg Ruin
Gemeindeverwaltung Bauma
Dorfstrasse 41
8494 Bauma
Tel. +41 52 397 70 30

Ritterhaus Bubikon.

The Ritterhaus looks back on over 800 years of history of the Order of St. John and the Order of Malta. The past is brought back to life here.

5 halls for up to 100 people. Ritterhaus Bubikon
Ritterhaus Bubikon
8608 Bubikon
Tel. +41 55 243 39 90

St. Antonius Pilgrim's Church.

The beautiful wooden pilgrim's church has been built in 1921 and has been extensively renovated in 1997. St. Antonius Pilgrim's Church
Wallfahrtskirche St. Antonius
Flurstrasse 10
8132 Egg b. Zürich
Tel. +41 43 277 20 20
Fischingen Monastery

Fischingen Monastery.

Fischingen Monastery is the only monastic community in the canton of Thurgau still inhabited by monks. Fischingen Monastery
Seminarhotel Kloster Fischingen
8376 Fischingen
Tel. +41 71 978 72 11
Schloss Greifensee

Greifensee Castle.

The castle that has served as a residence for the governors of the imperial city of Zurich over centuries has become a place for cultural encounters and further education.

11 rooms for up to 100 people. Greifensee Castle
Schloss Greifensee
Im Städtli
8606 Greifensee
Tel. +41 44 942 13 33
Schloss Grüningen

Grüningen Castle.

The castle is Grüningen's landmark. It holds a prominent spot and lends the town its unmistakable character. Grüningen Castle
Schloss Grüningen
Gemeindeverwaltung Grüningen
Stedtligass 12
8627 Grüningen
Tel. +41 43 833 70 70
Stedtli Grüningen

Grüningen Castle Museum.

Exciting facts about the history of the small town of Grüningen. Grüningen Castle Museum
Heimatschutzgesellschaft Grüningen
8627 Grüningen
Tel. +41 79 370 57 40
Schloss Kyburg

Kyburg Castle Museum.

Kyburg Castle emerges 150 meters above the Töss river with a view over the wooded surroundings. Kyburg Castle Museum
Museum Schloss Kyburg
Schloss 1
8314 Kyburg
Tel. +41 52 232 46 64