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Craft & Studio.


Fly Ceramics Pottery.

The studio offers a wide range of handmade art and utility ceramics. Please check out the gift items that are available at the shop. Fly Ceramics Pottery
Fly-Keramik Töpferei
Rüetswilerstrasse 16
8344 Bäretswil
Tel. +41 44 939 14 49
Heimatwerk Zurich Oberland

Heimatwerk Zurich Oberland.

In the Töss Valley, hand-weaving used to be part of everyday life. Today, the hand-weaving company in Bauma is one of the last active and professional operations of its kind in Switzerland. Heimatwerk Zurich Oberland
Heimatwerk Züri Oberland
Bahnhofstrasse 7
8494 Bauma
Tel. +41 52 386 11 60
Steinauer Art Garden and Gallery

Steinauer Art Garden and Gallery.

Have a closer look at the artist family's iron works and check out their sculptures and animals full of wit and charm. Steinauer Art Garden and Gallery
Kunst Steinauer
Stegstrasse 47
8494 Bauma
Tel. +41 52 386 36 78

From the sheep to the duvet.

We process Swiss sheep's wool to the finished product. You will find sheep specialities as well plant-dyed wool at our farm shop. From the sheep to the duvet
Erika und Roman Diethelm
Medikerstrasse 21
8614 Bertschikon Gossau
Tel. +41 44 935 38 56
Alpakable - Alpaca Farm

Alpakable - Alpaca Farm.

The Büchel family lives in the middle of the Zurich Oberland on a former farm together with six alpacas and practices the traditional craft of processing raw wool. Alpakable - Alpaca Farm
Alpakable Alpaca Farm
Heizibüelstrasse 6
8617 Mönchaltorf
Phone: +41 76 402 09 13
Atelier Charly Bühler

Studio Gallery Charly Bühler.

A visit at the studio of the artist Charly Bühler is always a special experience. You will find his roosters on a dung heap, sitting on a bike or at the conference rooms of the executive floors... Studio Gallery Charly Bühler
Charly & Margaritha Bühler
Frohwies 1
8493 Saland
Tel. +41 52 385 27 15
Pinselstrich Keramik

Pottery Painting.

Be it as a family, a company or group excursion, you have come to the right place! We have over 200 different green ceramic articles available for you to be painted. Pottery Painting
Pinselstrich Ceramik-Café
Dorfstrasse 48
8630 Rüti ZH
Tel. +41 55 241 11 91

Lozzi Museum.

Marvel at the amazing objects by sculptor Yvan “Lozzi“ Pestalozzi from up close. Lozzi Museum
Yvan “Lozzi“ Pestalozzi
Lozzi Museum
Rütistrasse 15
8636 Wald 
Tel. +41 44 980 08 76

Mettlenstrasse 19
8636 Wald