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Lozzi Museum.

Marvel at the wonderful objects by the sculptor Yvan "Lozzi" Pestalozzi from close by.

Opening of the Lozzi museum

The Lozzi museum will open its doors in summer 2021: Welcome at the wonderland of imagination! The spacious vaulted cellar and the park of Villa Flora in Wald show a comprehensive exhibition of works by Yvan "Lozzi" Pestalozzi. Have a look at more than 100 exhibits, including 25 movable metal sculptures.

Wonder, smile and reflect

A lighthearted exhibition with movable objects: entertaining, stimulating and fun for young and old.

Check out items for word games, movable wire objects, small human and animal figures made of soft metal and funny "inventions" at the Lozzi exhibition. Lozzi's inventions include objects like the Laughing Clip or the Folding Walker. Life-size objects and wind chimes are presented outside.

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Lozzi's work show – an entertaining stage program

The artist Yvan "Lozzi" Pestalozzi leads the audience with an entertaining presentation of short films and pictures into a world he has created within the last 55 years and in which he is living now. For 30 – 200 guests and children from 14 years. Find out more under and check out the short version of the multimedia work exhibition on the website.

New multimedia programmes for companies and groups

Yvan "Lozzi" Pestalozzi now offers online multimedia programmes of various durations for companies and groups. He will either accompany these performances with his comments or transmit them personally via camera.