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Grüningen Stedtli

Small Town Charm.

On a guided tour through the medieval village you will discover an abundance of architectural treasures. Small Town Charm
Heimatschutzgesellschaft Grüningen
8627 Grüningen
Tel. +41 44 935 18 03
Tel. +41 79 795 72 70
Lake Pfäffikon Nature Centre

Lake Pfäffikon Nature Centre.

The new Lake Pfäffikon Nature Centre has opened in April 2019 and is located directly at the path around the lake in Pfäffikon ZH. The modern building, the multifaceted exhibition surrounded by nature invite you to stay a while and discover. Lake Pfäffikon Nature Centre

Naturzentrum Pfäffikersee

Usterstrasse 31

8330 Pfäffikon

Tel. +41 44 995 13 96

Burg Uster

Uster - the Living City.

The city of Uster has a lot of leisure activities to offer: rental boats, rental bikes, city walks, sports facilities, ... experience Uster! Uster - the Living City
Stadt Uster
Bahnhofstrasse 17
8610 Uster
Tel. +41 44 944 71 11

Cultural Detectives.

Come along a search of clues together with the cultural detectives and discover the Zurich Oberland of yesterday. Cultural Detectives
Kulturdetektive GmbH
Guldisloostrasse 24
8620 Wetzikon ZH
Tel. +41 43 497 04 07