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Wir bitten Sie, die Schutzkonzepte der Betriebe einzuhalte. Die Museen freuen sich auf Ihren Besuch und danken für Ihr Verständnis betreffend der aktuellen Umstände.

Aathal Dinosaur Museum.

Experience prehistoric times up close! A journey into the realm of dinosaurs. Aathal Dinosaur Museum
Sauriermuseum Aathal
Zürichstrasse 69
8607 Aathal-Seegräben
Tel. +41 44 932 14 18
Siber+Siber's Gold Museum

Siber+Siber's Gold Museum.

Gold, the noble metal! Even the name has an irresistible, magical sound. Let yourself be captivated by gold. Siber+Siber's Gold Museum
Siber+Siber's Goldmuseum
Zürichstrasse 50
8607 Aathal-Seegräben
Tel. +41 44 932 14 33
Chronicle archive of the community of Bauma

Chronicle archive of the community of Bauma.

The chronicle archive collects documents about the community of Bauma. Chronicle archive of the community of Bauma
Gemeindehaus Bauma
Dorfstrasse 41
8494 Bauma
Sound Machine Museum

Sound Machine Museum.

The Sound Machine museum in the silk factory of Dürnten is one of the largest of its kind in Switzerland and displays the entire range of mechanical musical instruments. Sound Machine Museum
KMM Klang-Maschinen Museum
Edikerstrasse 16
8635 Dürnten
Tel. +41 55 260 17 17
Sewing Machine Museum at the Pilgersteg

Sewing Machine Museum at the Pilgersteg.

Hundreds of historic sewing machines, accessory parts and objects from related fields offer an exciting journey through the development of technology, tailoring and aesthetics of the last 200 years. Sewing Machine Museum at the Pilgersteg
Walderstrasse 202
8635 Dürnten
Tel. +41 55 241 26 34
Sammlung Spörri

Spörri Collection.

The extensive collection includes old agricultural machines and equipment from the beginning of motorization of agriculture as well as from its further development. Spörri Collection
Sammlung Spörri
Hauptstrasse 52
8489 Ehrikon
Tel. +41 55 245 22 59
Indian Land Museum

Indian Land Museum.

Interesting and significant aspects about North American Indians. Permanent exhibition, guided tours, lectures, workshops, trading post. Indian Land Museum
Indian Land Museum
Vincent Escriba
Im Zentrum 1
8625 Gossau ZH
Tel. +41 44 935 26 74
Tel. +41 79 328 01 59
Müli Apiculture Museum

Müli Apiculture Museum.

The apiculture museum offers an insight into the fascinating world of bees and beekeepers. Müli Apiculture Museum
Gemeindeverwaltung Grüningen
Stedtligass 12
8627 Grüningen
Tel. +41 43 833 70 70