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Aathal Dinosaur Museum.

Experience prehistoric times up close! A journey into the era of dinosaurs.

Gigantic ancient animals and fossils

In addition to various dinosaurs, the visitors meet other gigantic ancient animals and discover fossils as unique wonders of nature.

The Aathal Dinosaur Museum has been around for more than 25 years now and has become indispensable for the "palaeontologist scene": scientifically highly interesting dinosaur discoveries from their own digging (Wyoming, USA) are prepared and exhibited here. It's the place where experts and dinosaur fans from all over the world meet. Since "Jurassic Park" and other movies, the museum has become an attractive excursion destination for younger visitors. Annual special exhibits complement and continuously update the museum.

Visit and guided tours

Guided tours can be booked upon request. Various dinosaur movies are presented and you will find everything a real dinosaur fan needs at the museum shop. Last but not least, our visitors may enjoy their coffee at the cafeteria located right next to a 23-meter brachiosaurus or at "Dino Giardino" where you may also barbecue, have a picnic and play!

Guided tours for up to 25 people, workshops and children's birthdays for up to 10 people.