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Wir bitten Sie, die Schutzkonzepte der Betriebe einzuhalte. Die Museen freuen sich auf Ihren Besuch und danken für Ihr Verständnis betreffend der aktuellen Umstände.
Museum am Pfäffikersee

Museum at Lake Pfäffikon.

The museum located directly at the lake has been redesigned and shows prehistoric finds from the 18th up to the 20th century. Museum at Lake Pfäffikon
Antiquarische Gesellschaft Pfäffikon
Im Platz 1
8330 Pfäffikon ZH
Tel. +41 44 950 42 80
Lake Pfäffikon Nature Centre

Lake Pfäffikon Nature Centre.

The new Lake Pfäffikon Nature Centre has opened in April 2019 and is located directly at the path around the lake in Pfäffikon ZH. The modern building, the multifaceted exhibition surrounded by nature invite you to stay a while and discover. Lake Pfäffikon Nature Centre

Naturzentrum Pfäffikersee

Usterstrasse 31

8330 Pfäffikon

Tel. +41 44 995 13 96

Kuhn Rikon

Kuhn Rikon.

Since 1899, cookware has been manufactured at the production site of KUHN RIKON. The Swiss brand manufacturer inspires the world of cooking with innovative products to prepare, serve and enjoy special moments around the table.
Kuhn Rikon
Kuhn Rikon AG
Neschwilerstrasse 4
8486 Rikon im Tösstal
Tel. +41 52 396 01 01
SwissJazzOrama - the Swiss jazz archive in Uster

SwissJazzOrama - the Swiss jazz archive in Uster.

We collect and archive sound carriers, pictures, music sheets, literature, instruments and certificates of all kinds from the world of jazz. SwissJazzOrama - the Swiss jazz archive in Uster
Musikcontainer Uster
Ackerstrasse 45
8610 Uster
Tel. +41 44 940 19 82
Museum of Local History & Chronicle in Wald

Museum of Local History & Chronicle in Wald.

History and development of our valley, chronicle, customs and historic museum objects. First floor is reserved for temporary exhibitions. Museum of Local History & Chronicle in Wald
Heimatmuseum Wald
Poststrasse 3
8636 Wald ZH
Tel. +41 55 246 12 03

Lozzi Museum.

Marvel at the amazing objects by sculptor Yvan “Lozzi“ Pestalozzi from up close. Lozzi Museum
Yvan “Lozzi“ Pestalozzi
Lozzi Museum
Rütistrasse 15
8636 Wald 
Tel. +41 44 980 08 76

Mettlenstrasse 19
8636 Wald

Weisslingen Local Museum

Weisslingen Local Museum.

Experience the history of the village first hand: with a visit to the local museum in Weisslingen, you can immerse yourself in the exciting events of the village of "Wislig". Weisslingen Local Museum
Ortsmuseum Weisslingen
Hintergasse 12
8484 Weisslingen
Tel. +41 79 871 22 78

Steinzeit Werkstatt Museum Wetzikon

Wetzikon Museum.

The museum gives an insight into the everyday life of our ancestors. Rich prehistoric finds from the region (era of pile dwellers, Celtic period, Roman age) give us an understanding of former times. Wetzikon Museum
Museum Wetzikon
Farbstrasse 1
8620 Wetzikon ZH
Tel. +41 44 930 00 61