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Pile Dwellers - 10 Years of World Cultural Heritage.

Jakob Messikommer (1828 - 1917) from Wetzikon searched the peat for traces of pile dwellers and sold this evidence about prehistoric farmers all over the world.


Over the years, the site in Robenhausen and others at Lake Greifensee have become UNESCO World Heritage Sites as representatives of 14 other pile dwellings in the Zurich Oberland.

This discovery will come into focus again in 2021 when the Zurich Oberland revives history. The topic of "nutrition in the pile-dwelling period" will be brought to life during this year's pile dwelling festival at the Silberweide nature station at Lake Greifensee. The local museums of Wetzikon, Pfäffikon and Maur will present various exhibitions on this topic and during the dugout regatta on Lake Greifensee, you will be able to challenge your physical abilities and motoric skills.


On 27 June 2021, UNESCO World Heritage Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps will be celebrating its tenth anniversary. Of the total of 1,000 well-known pile dwellings, 111 are located in the Alpine states Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and France and are part of the world heritage. Sites located at Lake Pfäffikon (Wetzikon-Robenhausen) and Lake Greifensee (Greifensee-Storen/Wildsberg) are important parts thereof.

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