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Turkey Paradise.

Fresh turkey straight from the farm.

Delicious turkey from the region

We sell fresh turkey straight from the farm, as vacuum-packed portions in mixed packages. The meat is cut by our butcher into filet, cutlet, cordon bleu, ragout, stripes or even mincemeat if requested, vacuumed and labelled by us. The fresh meat is suitable for deep-freezing. We also sell whole animals; a turkey hen weighs approximately 6 kg, the male turkey about 12 kg with no difference in taste.

Since 2012 we have started to sell our products directly to our loyal customer base and are happy about the growing number of discoverers of our delicious meat.

Our turkeys are important to us

Our turkeys may be visited at any time in the barn or on the pasture; doors are open for you. Animal-friendly conditions with outdoor access are very important to us. The use of antibiotics is prohibited.

Farm and contact

Our farm is one of the starting points to reach the Hörnli mountain (Canton Zurich, hiking time about 35 minutes) or the Hulftegg pass (Canton St. Gallen, hiking time about 50 minutes).

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions. Find additional information under: