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Zurich Oberland Industrial Trail.

The Zurich Oberland Industrial Trail offers an overview of over 150 years of industrial history based on various places of interest.

Places of interest

About 30 kilometers of hiking trails connect the different places of interest. These include objects such as the Greif steamboat, the old train depot in Uster or the steam train between Bauma and Hinwil, the Uster brewery with its historical steam engine, factories, villas and gardens along Florastrasse in Uster, the chronicle room and the museum of local history in Wetzikon, the Kempten mill, the Stockrüti water wheel mill, the industrial ensemble in Neuthal featuring a turbine and cable transmission, the spinning mill museum, the weaving machine collection in Rüti and hand machine embroideries and the living history museum in an old historical building called "Freddi" in Bauma.


Start and finish
Start: Niederuster
End: Undalen hamlet

If you would like to walk only parts of the trail, you may start or end the tour at the following stations/cities: Uster, Aathal, Wetzikon, Kempten, Bäretswil, Bauma, Uster quay.

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