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About us.

Zürioberland Tourism is an association domiciled in Bauma. The Zurich Oberland area includes communities from the districts of Hinwil, Pfäffikon and Uster as far as the outskirts of the district of Winterthur. The communities of Eschenbach (Canton St. Gallen) and Fischingen (Canton Thurgau) are also part of the Zurich Oberland.


Purpose and tasks
Zürioberland Tourism organizes, develops and promotes sustainable tourism in the Zurich Oberland. This is achieved by
  • marketing and communication measures for the region and its activities and products
  • coordination and support of touristic activities
  • networking of touristic, cultural and culinary specialities
  • provision of touristic services
  • cooperation with other regional associations

Focus and range of products

The vision «the Zurich Oberland is the top-of-mind excursion destination of Zurich's people» stands above our areas of activity 'active' (summer: hiking, biking; Winter: beginner skiers, cross-country skiing), 'pleasure' (catering, regional products, relaxing landscape), 'children' (with (great) parents/schools/groups), 'industrial culture' (textile past, museums, cultural paths).

Check out the annual report for a list of members, sponsors and partners (see page on the right).

Open positions/jobs

Find out about open positions at the regional management of «natürli Zürioberland».

Benefits for tourism stakeholders

Tourism stakeholders as service providers of Zürioberland Tourism benefit from the following:
  • information centre (guest and media consulting, PR work)
  • platforms of Zürioberland Tourism (website, brochures, newsletter, calendar of events, etc.)
  • price reduction for participation at training courses and events (e.g. exchange of tourism experience, quality training)
  • know-how and support by Zürioberland Tourism (e.g. advice)
  • access to natürli Zürioberland network and regional players
  • destination marketing under the «natürli Zürioberland» brand

Find a list of the services under  Leistungskatalog für touristische Anbieter (465 KB) . Members have voting rights at the general meeting.

Application to the new regional policy
Should a project fulfil the criteria of the «new regional policy», an application for support may be submitted at the regional management of «natürli Zürioberland».

natürli Zürioberland network

Zürioberland Tourism is part of the regional network of the «natürli Zürioberland» brand:

The Zürich Oberland residential area combines 20 communities of the Zürich Oberland Region (RZO) and another 6 communities of the Zurich Mountain Area (PZB).

The Pro Zurich Mountain Area (PZB) association consists of 13 member communities from the cantons Zurich, St. Gallen and Thurgau. The PZB regional management implements the new federal regional policy and operates the offices of Zürioberland Tourism, Zürioberland Living and Zürioberland Culture. Pro Zurich Mountain Area is owner of the 'natürli' brand.

Zurich Oberland Region (RZO) is an association of 20 communities that represent the interests of the region at a federal and cantonal level. Their focus is regional planning where RZO supports the communities. RZO coordinates the economic development of the region, which includes the business areas economy, living and tourism.

Zürioberland Culture represents Zurich Oberland's cultural committee that develops the regional cultural heritage and cultural life professionally and carefully and makes it vivid and perceptible. It is influenced and supported by the active, modern culture scene of the region.

The natürli products stand for regional focus, authenticity and pleasure. High-quality ingredients and short transportation routes allow top quality. Regional focus means that the raw products are from the region and the value added happens in the area. Producers manufacture the natürli products with great passion and commitment. We are the managers of the certificate authority and the marketing body.

Economic Location Promotion is a service organization for companies, communities, trade associations, training facilities and private individuals and serves interested partners as point of contact and information centre.